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Kids Menu

Cheese Pizza

Traditional Cheese Pizza

Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese Quesadillas

Grated Cheese Blend ~ Lightly Seasoned

Warm Flour Tortillas

Chicken Tenders

Breast of Chicken, Breaded


Served with Ketchup, Barbeque Sauce, Ranch Dressing

Finger Food Station

~ Select from the following Options ~

Quesadillas ~ Cheese -or- Chicken & Cheese, Mini Corn Dogs with Ketchup & Mustard

Pizza ~ personal size, Cheese -or- Pepperoni & Cheese

Chicken Tenders ~ with Ketchup, Ranch Dressing, Barbeque & Honey-Mustard

Mini-Burritos ~ Refried Beans and Monterey Jack Cheese, Mild Salsa

French Fried Potatoes

Kid Friendly Sandwiches

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Turkey & Mayo, Ham & Mustard

Fresh Sliced Bread or Mini Rolls

Served with

Fresh Fruit, Carrot Sticks & Cherry Tomatoes, Cookie

Kid's Hot Dog Station

All-Beef Hot Dogs

Condiments ~ Ketchup, Mustard, Relish

Hot Dog Buns

Potato Chips & Cookie


Elbow Macaroni & House-made Three-Cheese Sauce

Mac-n-Cheese Kid's Meal

Elbow Macaroni, House-made Three-Cheese Sauce

Served with

Fruit Cup, Veggies & Ranch Dip, Cookie

Nachos & Chili

Nachos & House-made Chili

Nacho Cheese Sauce over Tortilla Chips

Diced Onions &  Sliced Pickled Jalapeño, on the side

Pasta & Veggies

Choice of Pasta ~ Shells or Spaghetti

Choice of Sauce ~ Meat Sauce, Marinara Sauce or Alfredo Sauce

Choice of Veggie ~ Cooked Carrots or Zucchini

Garlic Bread Sticks

Pasta Alfredo

Penne Pasta, al dente

House-made Alfredo Sauce

Served with Fresh-baked Garlic Bread Sticks

Pasta Marinara

Penne Pasta, al dente

House-made Marinara Sauce

Served with Fresh-baked Garlic Bread Sticks

Veggies & Dip

Cherry Tomatoes, Celery, Carrots

Ranch Dip

Paint your Own Cookie

Fresh-baked Sugar Cookies

Selection of Icings, Rainbow Sprinkes, Jelly Beans, Mini Sugar Balls

M&Ms and Red Hots

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