Sandwiches & Box Lunch

Aram Pinwheels

Deli Shaved Ham, Cheese Blend, Dijon-Mayo, Diced Tomatoes & Shredded Lettuce

Oven-roasted Turkey, Herbed Cream Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes, Caesar Dressing

Fresh Tortilla Wrap Pinwheels

Artichoke Classico

Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Provolone Cheese, Kalamata Olives

Sun-dried Tomato Spread


Baby Spinach Salad Wrap

Baby Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Hearts, Shredded Mozzarella

Toasted Pine Nuts & Garlic Aioli

Spinach Tortilla Wrap

Banh Mi

Honey Barbeque Pork, Carrots, Cilantro & Vinegar

Vietnamese-style Baguette

Barbeque Roast Beef

Roast Beef, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Fried Onions, Mixed Greens

House-made Barbeque Sauce

Rustic Sourdough

Brie Croissant

Imported French Brie, Cranberry-Jalapeño Relish, Arugula Greens

Fresh Buttery Croissant

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chunk Chicken, Chopped Romaine, Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Caesar Dressing

Fresh Tortilla Wrap

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Breaded Chicken Breast, Provolone Cheese, Marinara Sauce

Oven-warmed Torpedo Roll

Chicken Salad Wraps

Diced Chicken Breast, Onions, Celery, Shredded Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes

Mayo & Classic Dijon Mustard

Fresh Tortilla Wrap

Chicken Waldorf Salad Wrap

Diced Chicken, Celery, Granny Smith Apples, Toasted Pecans, Greens

Creamy Yogurt-Mayo Dressing

Fresh Lavash Wrap

Classic Club

Deli Ham, Oven-roasted Turkey & Smoked Bacon

Lettuce, Tomato, Haas Avocado Spread

Thick-sliced Sourdough

Classic Pastrami

New York-style Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Shaved Red Onion, Dill Pickles

Classic Yellow Mustard

Deli Roll

Cuban "Toastie" Sandwich

Smoked Ham, Aged Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickle

Smokey Chili-Mayo Spread

Toasted Baguette

Egg Salad

Hard-boiled Eggs, Sweet Relish, Shredded Lettuce

Mayo & Mustard

White Sandwich Bun

Fruity Chicken Salad

Diced Chicken Breast, Onions, Celery, Fresh Grapes, Dried Apricots, Raisins & Toasted Almonds

Cumin-Coconut Mayo Dressing

Sour-French Roll

Gourmet Ham

Smoked Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Baby Greens, Tomato, Sprouts

Mayo & Dijon Mustard

French Baguette

Gourmet Reuben

Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Red Onion, Leaf Lettuce

Thousand Island Dressing

Marble Rye

Gourmet Turkey

Oven-roasted Turkey, Imported French Brie Cheese, Sprouts & Greens

Cranberry-Orange Chutney

French Baguette

Greek Tuna Wrap

Albacore Tuna Salad, Cucumber, Kalamata Olives, Bell Peppers, Red Onion

Seasoned Mayo Dressing

Tortilla Wrap

Greek Veggie Wrap

Cucumber, Sweet Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Arugula

House-made Hummus Spread

Lavash Wrap

Honey Mustard Chicken

Roasted Chicken Breast, Cheddar Cheese, Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion

Honey Mustard

Sourdough Roll

Italian Caprese

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Roma Tomato, Fresh Basil, Romaine Lettuce

Basil-Pesto & Balsamic Vinaigrette

Rustic Sourdough Baguette

Italian Sub

Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, Mortadella, Provolone Cheese

Red Onion, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Pepperoncini

Creamy Italian Dressing

Sourdough Sub

Kentucky Hot Browns

Egg-Battered Bread, Layers of Oven-roasted Turkey, Sliced Tomato, Smoked Bacon

Sharp White Cheddar Cheese Sauce

~ Oven-baked ~

Kickin Roast Beef

Roast Beef, Green Chili Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese, Arugula & Red Onion

Creamy Horseradish Spread


Lobster Roll

Succulent Lobster Salad of Onion, Celery & Parsley

Seasoned Mayo Dressing

Torpedo Roll

Monterey Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breast, Monterey Jack Cheese, Avocado, Sprouts, Romaine Lettuce

Thousand Island Dressing

California Crunch

Mushroom Grill

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Basil

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Onion Roll

Philly Cheesesteak

Philadelphia-style Steak, Mushrooms, Peppers & Onions

Melted Provolone Cheese

Sourdough Roll

Roasted Eggplant

Roasted Caramelized Eggplant, Melted Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Arugula

House-made Marinara Sauce

Sweet French Roll

Roasted Veggie Wrap

Chef's Selection of Hearty Roasted Vegetables & Mixed Greens

Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette

Fresh Lavash Wrap

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Diced Red Onion & Fresh Dill

Lemon Aioli


Steak & Mushroom

Sliced Marinated Steak, Swiss Cheese & Sautéed Onions

Mixed Greens & Arugula

Torpedo Roll

Stir-fry Beef Wrap

Marinated Beef Steak, Cabbage Blend, Mushrooms, Shredded Carrot

Spicy Soy-Ginger Dressing

Tortilla Wrap

Tequila-Lime Chicken

Chicken Breast, Pepper Jack Cheese, Red Onion, Cilantro and Tequila-Lime Salsa

Sourdough Crunch

Thai Chicken Wrap

Chunk Chicken, Cabbage Blend, Shredded Carrot, Fresh Cilantro

Sweet Chili Sauce & Thai Peanut Dressing

Tortilla Wrap

Tri Tip

Marinated Beef Tri Tip, Roasted Red Onions, Field Greens

Smoked Chili Aioli

Torpedo Roll

Turkey & Provolone

Oven-roasted Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Green Leaf Lettuce, Vine Tomato

Garlic-Pesto Mayo Dressing

California Crunch

Tuscan Chicken

Breast of Chicken, Mozzarella, Roasted Bell Pepper, Artichoke Hearts, Mixed Greens

Balsamic Vinaigrette


Veggie Supreme

Cucumber, Tomato, Alfalfa Sprouts, Julienne Carrots, Bell Peppers, Romaine Lettuce

Hummus Spread & Mayo




Ham & Swiss with Dijon Mustard

Whole-grain Wheat


Turkey & Provolone with Pesto-Mayo

French Sourdough


{crustless, quartered}

~ Select Three Sandwiches ~


Chicken Salad

Diced Breast of Chicken, Mayo & Mustard, Onion & Celery



Ribbon-cut Cucumber, Cream Cheese, Fresh Dill 

Egg Salad

Hard-boiled Eggs, Mayo & Mustard



Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, Mustard Aioli



Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Lemon Aioli


Tea Scones

Assorted Scones, Berry Preserves, Clotted Cream


Assorted Deli Meats & Sliced Cheeses

Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Avocado


Mayo, Mustard, Pesto-Mayo

Breads & Rolls

Antipasti Relish Tray

Variety of Pickles, Olives, Asparagus Spears, Artichoke Hearts

Peppadew Peppers, Baby Corns & Pepperoncini


~ Select Three  Sandwiches ~


Tequila Lime Chicken

Marinated Breast of Chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tequila Lime Salsa


Traditional Chicken Salad

Chunk Chicken, Olive, Celery, Tomato, Butter Lettuce, Mayo & Dijon Mustard



Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Provolone Cheese, Tomato, Pepperoncini & Romaine Lettuce, Italian Dressing


Gourmet Turkey

Oven-roasted Turkey, Imported Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Baby Greens & Dijon Mustard


Tuna Salad

Albacore Tuna, Scallions, Dill Pickles, Tomato, Romaine Lettuce & Fresh Dill Mayo


Kickin Roast Beef

Marinated Roast Beef, Pepper Jack Cheese, Red Onions, Green Chili Peppers & Arugula


Veggie Extraordinaire

Cucumber, Tomato, Sprouts, Sweet Bell Peppers, Julienne Carrots, Romaine & Chickpea Spread


Artichoke Classico

Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Provolone Cheese, Kalamata Olives, Romaine, Sun-dried Tomato Spread


Italian Caprese

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Romaine, Basil-Pesto & Balsamic Vinaigrette


Box Includes:

Deli Salad, Fresh Baked Cookie, Piece of Whole Fruit

Fork & Napkins

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